Chapter 1
the Call
           “The Lord is a warrior; the Lord is His name” Exodus 15: 2-4nas
As Christians we are continually engaged in a bitter struggle against the enemies of God. Since the beginning of time, Satan and his co-horts have been actively plotting and planning to tear down the Kingdom of God. In spite of this, we continue to press forward in battle, keeping our hearts and minds fixed upon Jesus the captain of our faith.

The devil knows his time is short; he will stop at nothing to try to kill, steal, and destroy God’s people. So in these last days and for the past two thousand years, Our God has assembled a mighty army, fully trained, equipped, and ready for battle. Jesus our mighty Warrior will lead us into victory, battle after battle, no surrender, and no retreat!  Every day, the Lord is recruiting new soldiers, men and women of valor, full of the Spirit of God and has placed within them the heart of a warrior. The trumpet has sounded. It’s time to put on the Armor of God. Many souls are at stake. The mission is clear. Let us unite together in this great cause for Christ.